Hunting Trophies in Manalpan, New Jersey

While many hunting trips can end without success, when you finally successfully track and hunt an animal, it’s well worth it. After your next hunting trip, bring your hunting trophies to Trails End Taxidermy LLC in Manalpan, New Jersey, to have them mounted properly.

Commercial Tanning

When you want a custom, tanned hide, only the best will do for your wall. At Trails End Taxidermy LLC, we send all of the skins to a commercial tannery. 

Your Trophy Options

Hunting trophies give you bragging rights, so ensure yours looks the best when you come to our shop for our taxidermy services. Our team of experienced professionals treats every hunting trophy with extra care to bring it back to life, including life-size and shoulder mounts. The hunting trophies are available at different rates, depending on the size, call for prices.

Common Hunting Trophies

• Deer
• Antelope
• Elk
• Mountain Goats
• Bison

• Coyotes
• Bobcats
• Raccoons
• Badgers
• Red & Gray Foxes
• Rabbits
• Squirrels
• Weasels
• Mountain Lions
• Wolves
• Minks
• Lynxes
• Porcupines
• Javelinas
• Ringtail Cats
• Fishers


Contact us in Manalpan, New Jersey, to find out the rates for our services to bring your hunting trophies back to life.