Care Tips

It’s important to follow the necessary steps to keeping your game in proper condition before bringing them to our taxidermist to mount. At Trails End Taxidermy LLC, we not only offer expert taxidermy services, but also all of the tips you need for any kind of animal, whether you need tips to skin a head trophy properly or to package your trophy.

Caring for Your Birds & Water Fowls

• Never Field Dress or Remove the Breast of a Bird That You Want to Mount
• Always Pick up the Bird by the Feet as Opposed to the Head, Wings, or Body
• Be Sure to Pick up the Birds You Want to Mount before Your Hunting Hounds
  Handle Them
• Do Not Twist the Neck to Kill a Wounded Bird

• Wipe off Any Blood Spots on Plumage
• Let the Birds Cool down before Putting Them on Ice or Freezing Them
• Do Not Soak Your Bird in Water at Any Time
• Place the Bird Head First into the Cut-off Leg of Pantyhose before Placing It in
  a Field Bag
• Tuck the Head under a Wing & Place in Plastic to Freeze It

Caring for Small Mammals & Other Life-Size Mounts

• Do Not Gut the Animal You Want to Mount
• Clean Any Excessive Blood from the Fur
• Allow the Mammal to Cool down as Quickly as Possible
• Place the Mammal in an Air-Tight, Double Bag & Place It in a Freezer

Tips for Caring for Head & Shoulder Mounts

• Do Not Cut Anywhere around the Neck or Shoulder Area
• Hang the Mammal Upside down & Make a Circular Incision around the Body
  from behind the Skin of the Front Legs
• Skin the Animal up the Body, Cutting off the Legs by the Knee Joint &
  Skinning the Body up to the Head
• Do Not Skin the Head
• Place a Towel over Antlers That Stick through the Bag While in the Freezer

When You Are Unsure

When you just don’t know when you’ll have the time or money to have your new trophy mounted, you can still bring it to Trails End Taxidermy LLC to have it skinned and packaged properly. When you are ready to mount, most of the work is already done, and you’ll have a great cape to work with.

Contact us in Manalpan, New Jersey, to learn more about our taxidermy services and the proper ways to care for your trophy.